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Project in Pacific Palisades 90272, California


1. Proposed Multi-Story single family residence (1,723 SF)

2. Proposed Roof Deck

3. Proposed Open Decks (411 SF)

4. Proposed Covered Deck (116 SF)


Project in 90068 Los Angeles, California.

1.Llegalizing basement with two bedrooms and two bathrooms (so ultimately, the house needs to be permitted for 4 bedrooms (Currently permitted for two


upstairs and will have two new downstairs) and 4 bathrooms (currently permitted for one upstairs, need to permit second one upstairs and permit two new ones downstairs) and over 2000 square feet (maybe more if the converted garage can get permitted.


2. Remodeling the current downstairs bathroom and having it fit next to a new stairwell


3. Adding a master bathroom downstairs that is connected to the master bedroom (in the current office space downstairs)


4. Create access (somehow through walk in closet or other means downstairs) to A/C unit currently accessed through downstairs office.



Project in 90041 Los Angeles, California 

1. New Single Family Dwelling

2. 2,306.11 Square feet of living area

3. 410.45 Square feet of Covered parking

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