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Project in Los Angeles 90042, California


1. New 2 story sfd, site retaining walls, and 2-car garage

2. New 1st floor (habitable):  829 sq. ft.

3. New 2nd floor (habitable):  1,109 sq. ft.

     Total Habitable area: 2,038 sq.ft.

4. New garage (2-car): 500 sq. ft.

6. New open balcony, patio, & deck  841 sq. ft.

Project in Studio City 90026, California.


1. Convert (e) basement into (n) storage area

2. Proposed garage addition adjacent to (n) storage area (627.0 sf)

3. Proposed addition at front of (e) single family dwelling (657.6 sf)

4. Proposed addition at rear of (e) single family dwelling (515.1 sf)

5. Proposed deck above (n) garage (301.2 sf total) (204.5 sf covered)

6. Proposed deck on south side of (e) single family dwelling (152.7 sf)

7. Interior remodel

8. New Exterior retaining walls and stairs per plan

9. Demolish portion of (e) single family dwelling (49.0 sf)

Project in Studio City 91604, California 

1. New Underground garage

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